The Ebbert Family was named the Soil & Water Conservation Family of the Year for their efforts to conserve and preserve nature’s soil and water supplies. The farm utilizes integrated pest management practices, which uses natures natural defenses against pests and disease. Management practices include crop rotation, contour plowing, and the development of natural springs and waterways.
Ebbert Farm Market • 68101 Ebbert North Road • St. Clairsville, OH 43950 • Phone: 740-695-5619
Tomatoes are abundant on the farm. Nearly 4,000 tomato plants adorn the hillsides...each individually hand-planted, mulched, and harvested.
Our delicious sweet corn is also hand-picked. The farm produces approximately 120 fields of corn, planted at different intervals, to guarantee a fresh supply of corn throughout the summer months.
Other crops grown on the farm and sold in the market include cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, cantaloupe, watermelons, and much, much more.
The farm also produces 1,000 heads of cabbage. Nearly 1,500 pepper plants...bell, sweet banana, and hot peppers are produced.
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