When retail and grocery stores advertise fresh, local, homegrown produce, what does that really mean?
Ask the grocer...when was this harvested? Where was it grown? And homegrown from whose farm...
someone’s farm in California, Florida, or perhaps another country.
When Ebbert Farm Market says fresh and homegrown, it means it was planted, grown, and harvested on our farm by our family.
Ebbert Farm Market offers a wide-variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit the market periodically to check out the newest arrivals, ripening daily.
Ebbert Farm Market • 68101 Ebbert North Road • St. Clairsville, OH 43950 • Phone: 740-695-5619
• Tomatoes
• Sweet Corn
• Cucumbers
• Zucchini
• Bell Peppers
• Hot Peppers
• Banana Peppers
• Carrots
• Green Beans
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Apples
• Plums
• Pears
• Peaches
• Watermelon
• Cantaloupe
 & much more.
Fresh isn’t fresh, unless it’s from EBBERT FARM MARKET